Norwegian Language Instruction

It's true that the majority of Norwegians speak at least some English, but there are many of us who learn and love the language.  Whether you want to learn Norwegian to speak with your grandparents still living in Norway, or to make your upcoming trip to Norway a little more enriching, check out these local options for studying Norwegian:

University of Washington (Seattle) - The University of Washington Scandinavian Studies department offers introductory and intermediate Norwegian language instruction, as well as more advanced literature courses.

Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma) - The Pacific Lutheran University Norwegian Studies department also offers introductory and intermediate Norwegian language instruction.

The Scandinavian Language Institute in Ballard offers beginning, intermediate and advanced-level courses that meet once a week for about 1 1/2 hours.  Classes are offered at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard and at other locations in the greater Seattle area.  These are not university-level courses, but do provide some good basic instruction for those who are not able to take quarter-long courses at the UW or PLU.

A number of Sons and Daughters of Norway lodges offer basic Norwegian instruction.  Visit the Norwegian Organizations section to find a lodge near you, and look to see if they offer Norwegian classes.
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