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Visit Santa, Shop, and Eat Delicious Open-Faced Sandwiches at Yulefest this Weekend

posted Nov 18, 2014, 6:58 PM by Norsk Seattle
I know they're Danish, but I just love æbleskiver.  These piping hot balls of dough baked in special cast iron pans served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and a side of jam are usually my first stop when visiting Yulefest at the Nordic Heritage Museum.  After enjoying a few æbleskiver, I then check out the gift options available at the various craft booths.  I particularly enjoy finding beautiful rosemaled pieces to give as gifts.  

When I was in a child, I would go to Yulefest with mom and spend the weekend with her at her Hardanger embroidery booth.  I would usually have a few small Hardanger pieces for sale that I had made.  As soon as it was reasonable to consider eating lunch, I would volunteer to go downstairs to the auditorium (cafe) and buy several open-faced sandwiches.  My favorite was always rullepølse - still is!  Once our daughter was born, getting pictures taken with Santa at Yulefest and enjoying the musicians also became a priority.  

If you've not yet been to Yulefest, this weekend (November 22-23) is your chance to check it out and start your own traditions!  Visit the Nordic Heritage Museum website for more details.