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"The World's Best Place..."

posted Sep 21, 2010, 8:57 PM by Unknown user
Is Norway the world's best place?  The mountains, the fjords, socialized healthcare, state-supported higher education, five weeks of vacation, yummy food like komle and must be heaven, right?  It's no secret that we here a Norsk Seattle are proud of our Norwegian ancestry and love that little country up north.  But - we've also been there and seen and heard of the less flattering features of the country.  For all its natural beauty, wealth and social benefits, Norway has its flaws.  As Norwegian-Americans, it is important to explore these features as well, so that we can become more familiar with the country as it is today...not just the poetic countryside that our ancestors left.  Local author Solveig Torvik has recently come out with a new book titled "The World's Best Place: Norway and the Norwegians" which explores some of these topics.  To learn more, read Karen Rathe's story on the topic at My Ballard, or buy the e-book here.