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Norway's Katzenjammer Plays in Seattle June 23, 2010

posted Jun 16, 2010, 10:45 PM by Norsk Seattle
If you grew up spending time at Scandinavian bazaars and festivals as a kid like I did, you might think that all Norwegian music involves accordions.  Norway's Newcomer of the Year band Katzenjammer, playing June 23 in Seattle, isn't your grandma's polka band, however.  Their MySpace website describes their sounds as a "special blend folk/country/balkan/ gypsy/ rickety-rock pop".  Kind of a funky mix?  Sure, but it also seems like just the kind of sound lots of us folks in Seattle really dig.  Check out their website at, and buy tickets for the June 23 concert at The Crocodile in Seattle ( to check them out live!